Who We Are

Helping millions of families live longer, healthier lives could be the greatest challenge of our generation. But we can meet it. The first step is to learn all of the reasons that we should care. The next step: devoting our time, money and medical expertise to meeting the challenge.

We are a group of trustworthy friends who really care for those peoples who are in need, especially orphanage childrens who lost their families,we aid poor kids, and poor peoples from all types of ages and race. We are just like other human being, leading a simple life BUT whatever we have, we Love to share it with these kind of peoples who really in need.Simple things can make a big diference in their daily life when we do it with a big sincere heart , being honest in doing God’s will. Its not only the matter of money, but we spend some precious time with them and let them feel the embrace of Love which they are longing for and let them feel that we really care. With simple tiny things we done, we give them Hope, Love and Support in their daily life.

We are moving forward in our mission to help, and now we have done an Education Project for Orphanage which started on December 2007. In this project we adopted few numbers of childrens from various orphanage home and we support their education expenses for some period of time. For this project we have a monthly contributions from all members and we will be really appreciate for any sponsor / donor from everyone who want to join us and make this project more sucessfull. Instead of this education project, we will keep moving on with some other project for school childrens, orphanage and we are on our way to help some orphanage place who are in a very poor condition. They really need our help in order to have a better enviroment in their daily life.

We will always be optimist in our mission to help , we thanks God that we have a good and understanding teamwork in spite of distance , and we will always maintain our good work of helping poor peoples, we really appreciate for any idea or suggestion from everyone regarding our group/ work. And by God Grace in future we hope we can help more childrens ,aid more poor peoples from all around the world..