Anbhagam orphanage home 05 Decemeber 2007

Anbhagam orphanage home visited by Prasad and Dinesh, provided trousers for elder orphans.

The Seven Helpers Work

Project Name: Survive Help 2
Orphanage/Organization Name: Anbhagam orphanage home
Project cost : Rs 3200
Finished Date: 5th December 2007
Thesevenhelper friends joined in the Organization place: Prasad and Dinesh
What we did: We spent Rs 3200.00 towards Anbhagam. We provided trousers for some elder orphans.

About Anbagam CSI Home for the Aged
Anbagam CSI Home for the Aged

About Anbagam CSI Home for the Aged :
Anbagam CSI is a home for the aged, which at present shelters 42 inmates. Its a home where the elderly people are taken care mostly who are abandoned by their families, sons or who have no one to support them. Free fooding, lodging and special care is given to the inmates here. Where they could not find love they fide it here in this home for the aged.

Statement:Anbagam CSI Home for the Aged is dedicated to provide peaceful, spiritual and happy life to the aged people who have been left unattended .

Areas of work:
Health, Food and Nutrition for elder orphans

Mrs Rashelda Udayakumar

Org. Type:
Grass root level NGO

Activity Sectors:
Health, Food and Nutrition, Minorities, Disability, Aged

Permanent Mailing Address:
Besant Avenue, Adyar, Chennai – 600 020, Tamil Nadu, India


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