Atharikum Karangal orphanage 09 July 2007

Atharikum Karangal orphanage home visited by Prasad and Lakshmanan, to know further needs for the home and to plan for it

“Atharikkum Karangal” (literally “Supporting Hands”) is a home for orphan children aged 4 to 14. It opened its doors on 1st September 2004 at Mathur, Manali, Chennai to such children who either are orphan children or handicapped children or deadly disease like leprosy patients children or victims of Tsunami. Now there are 25 children in our home. The young children will be under the care of the orphanage until they are trained and qualified in a specific discipline so that they could find a suitable employment for themselves. The orphanage seeks to make God fearing and good citizen out of these children. I am sure you will appreciate this noble ideal and agree that there is no better way of affirming one’s faith than helping an orphan child.

The orphanage incurs and expenses of Rs.500/- ($15) per month for a child. It solicits your valuable contribution to help meet the expenditure it occurs. Your contributions could also be in the form of food or cloths or materials.


Atharikkum Karangal
Atharikkum Karangal
Children Home (Orphanage)

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