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Project Report

Orphanage Name : Udavaum Nanbarkal Orphanage home
Project Name : Fast Help4
Date : 2008/11/15
Project Details :

What we did: The Seven Helpers friends had given Rs.1000 to Udavaum Nanbarkal home for cooking expenses . This Rs.1000 is paid to the Lady who is cooking for the home.


What TheSevenHelpers doing for this home:

*Teaching c-Language:
Lakshmanan is teaching c-language for students from 8th STD to college students for past two months on every Sundays.

Organization Details :
Udavaum Nanbarkal

Care Taker: Mr. Sarathy
About Sarathy:
He is a great person who sacrificed his life for helping poor (village). Mr. Sarathy age 40 helping the poor village by many ways;

1. Type writing centre
2. Tuition centre
3. Tailoring
4. Embroiding (for married woman's and uneducated girls)
5. Computer centre (Teaching basic knowledge in computers)
Also he is planning to build a hospital for the village and much more...

Project Referred By : Mr. Mahesh DG Vaishnav College
Place : Chennai, India.
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*Project Expense is not enclosed